From the Land of Lincoln to the Badger State

~* A Flatlander's Adventures in Cheeseland *~

15 July 1963
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~~~ A mystic journalist's adventures in the Badger State ~~~

This is an extension to my original paganmaid journal. As I had been using that journal for all types of entries, it has become a journal for recording personal events, spirituality and emotions. As I now wish to develop my skills in the arena of published writing, I have now created this journal for that purpose alone.

Many entries will be made public. However, I will make some entries available to friends only. Due to some of the nature of my writing, I only request that anyone who wishes to friend this journal be 18 years or older. Prior to friending anyone I don't know, I will be checking birthdates to verify information. Don't mean to be paranoid, just careful. A person I knew had a journal deleted because a reader posted a revealing photo and the reader was underage. So I hope you understand my caution.

Topics? In the paganmaid journal I covered political, environmental, movie reviews and spirituality. Here I will continue these topics. I will also write about travel, regional concerns and I will finally begin to write the book I have wanted to write for so long.

I tend to also weave mystic connections in my writings. In addition to practicing my journalistic skills, I'm a budding mystic. You'll see historic comparisons, as well as common traits between unlikely people. It's my way of learning about
the world, of reflecting a situation. It may be right, it may be wrong. It's through these connections that I hope to provoke another way of thinking of a situation, to explore patterns if you will.

As I am now living in Wisconsin after spending my whole life in Illinois, there will be a heavier emphasis on living in a new state. Posts will contain impressions about life, customs, services and everything else that goes with living in the land of cheese. I've always been a Badgers fan when it comes to football, and my brother made it his home for eight years until his untimely and sudden passing this past December, so I've got a head start in getting to know this state. I hope you'll enjoy my views on this fine land as well.

I hope you will enjoy these writings and I always welcome comments.

Welcome to the other world of Paganmaid, aka Lisa!

My seeker and journalist hero:

Darren McGavin, aka Carl Kolchak (1922-2006)

A Tribute to a True Seeker - Darren McGavin:

Why Cark Kolchak? Why Darren McGavin? Why not a more tried and true journalist to adopt as a role model, like Edward R. Murrow?

Murrow, as well as any journalist worth their salt, was also a Seeker for the truth and never compromised his principles. I respect him deeply for that.

But Darren McGavin and Carl Kolchak lived their Seeker lives and imprinted them into our consciousness. Neither man compromised his principles as well and lived life in search for what was real to them.

Carl Kolchak probably would have been the journalist to turn to the tabloids such as the Weekly World News to spread the truth against all odds, no matter how acceptable or believable. He had been fired numerous times and even banned from cities from fear of what he uncovered might be the undoing of certain reputations. Yet he had an irrepressible urge to tell it like it is. I would have loved to see him go against someone like Karl Rove. He would have emerged victorious, smiling and joking, but maybe exiled to another country.

And Darren McGavin? He too railed against conventionalism to do what he believed was right. Born in Spokane, Washington and bounced from orphanage to foster home, he eventually eluded authorities by living from warehouse to warehouse. He then found a group home where he thrived on the stability it provided. This he needed to become the man the world would know.

This excerpt from his website, http://www.darrenmcgavin.net, summed it best about him and his career:

Darren has a unique ability to combine innovation, vitality, interpretation and sentience to each role he assumes. While he is recognized for the vastly diverse characters he immortalized in television series (tough guy, private eye, Mike Hammer; feisty, working riverboat captain, Grey Holden, struggling to succeed; the lonely, down-and-out Outsider, David Ross, and the much beloved Night Stalker, Carl Kolchak), Darren has also left his mark on the individual roles he created and into which he breathed life...

Both men weren't afraid to expose what they believed to be the truth. Unfortunately, Darren departed this world at a time when we needed him and Carl Kolchak the most, to encourage those to uncover the truth despite the efforts of those in power to suppress it.

And on his birthday, less than three months after his passing in February 2006 from natural causes, I wrote this tribute:

In Earth time you're 84 today,
But where you are now you're ageless and timeless.

On the screen you played offbeat characters
People swimming against the current
Raging against complacency
Always wanting the truth.

Were you that way in real life?
Only those closest to you know
And will never tell.

Those wanting to know the truth will remember you the best
And love you the most
And not just at Christmas
When the rest of the world remembers you as a cranky old man
Looking for his lucky break.

I'm sorry we can't celebrate one last birthday with you
To let you know how much you're appreciated - and loved.
We always thought you'd be here
And now you're gone when we need you the most.

Happy birthday Darren.
You belong to the ages now.
Your legacy is safe with those
Who still search for the truth.

And this is why the legacy of Darren McGavin and his signature role of Carl Kolchak inspires me in what I hope to achieve in this journal.

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In loving memory of my brother

You too have been my hero, never afraid to take chances, never afraid to speak out against injustice. You have always looked out for your friends and your family, and you've lived life with a sense of humor that became you. Although you were taken in body much too soon, your spirit remains with those who have been privileged to know and love you. You are forever loved. And I am blessed and privileged to be your sister.

May the Lady and the Lord bless and watch over you in the Summerlands.

Until we meet again.