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Random thoughts to close out January...

Thoughts about current (and past) events to close out the month of January:

The Middle East ain't ready for democracy. Just as Paddy Bauer said that Chicago wasn't ready for reform, so goes the same for the Middle East on democracy. Although democratic elections were held throughout the Middle East, governments favorable of fundamental Islam have won each one: Iran, Iraq, and now Palestine. And now the West, more notably the U.S., has to deal with them whether they like it or not if they are serious about keeping peace in the region.

Trouble is, the U.S. is stubbornly insisting on not negotiating with terrorists. Fine. They don't have to. But if they are serious about eradicating terrorism, they should find out from the people why they put these so-called terrorists in political office and learn from that.

In the name of obliterating terrorism, the U.S. has formed partnerships with leaders opposing terrorism. But many of those leaders have been corrupt and have had ways of silencing their enemies in the past - including murder. Meanwhile, those leaders have squandered power, position and resources for themselves and their friends, leaving the rest of the people in poverty and the countries vulnerable to takeover from parties opposing the U.S. They promise the people relief and the people embrace this message and take to the streets to fight for said party. Then when the party does take over, the U.S. schemes to put in another power friendly to them back in command and the cycle begins anew. The practice has been in place for many years, since communism and imperialism. And the U.S.'s cut in this? Natural resources, such as oil. Maybe some other niceties.

The reason the Palestine people voted for Hamas? Because Fatah was corrupt, squandering its power and the people simply tired of it. And they took the opportunity to replace Fatah the good ol' American way - democracy. We organized the election, and now we gotta respect the decision, right? Since history repeats itself, I don't think so.

More forthcoming thoughts in the waning days of January...


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