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Health care town hall events

This is an update to the post on Tuesday:

The FireDogLake blog has a list of events scheduled for this month and into September before Labor Day, after which Congress will return from recess. The calendar of events is at the link below:

In the Chicago area, there was a health care reform rally on Tuesday that was covered by the Chicago Tribune. It was attended largely by supporters of health care reform, with opponents in the minority. One of the opposers was interviewsd, and he was identified as Eric Odom, who was one of the organizers of the Tax Day Tea Party in Chicago. This rally, like the Tea Party, was at the Dirksen Federal Plaza. Danny Davis, one of the speakers at this rally, will hold two town hall events on August 15 in Chicago. More info can be found at

In Wisconsin, there was an event by the congressman representing the Green Bay area. Though some people tried to disrupt the event, it was peaceful and those who wanted to speak got to. This is the idea of democracy. Other events in the state include two by Sen. Russ Feingold, who is up for re-election next year. He will be in La Crosse and another town this Saturday. Ron Kind also has events planned. I didn't see Tammy Baldwin's name on the list.

Jan Schakowsky, my Congresswoman before I left Des Plaines, will hold an event August 28 in Niles. I plan to attend this one. Nothing from Mike Quigley or any other congressional rep besides Danny Davis.

Maybe the so-called "Astroturf movement" will lose steam as their ugly tactics continue to be examined by pundits like Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow. Or maybe the media spotlight will further egg them on. But as reports of ugly confrontations, like the congressman from Virginia being assaulted and the congressman from Maryland being lynched in effigy, continue to grow, it will ultimately backfire. So we gotta keep the sunshine on them. Sunshine is a disinfectant after all.

So if you support health care reform, or if you have questions, by all means go to these events. And don't let the bullies harass you and make decisions for you. If we don't fight or speak up, then we end up with less than what we want. And when it comes to health care, anything less than meaningful reform including a public option will not be acceptable to me. If that's what you want, don't settle for less.
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