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Welcome to TFS - The Freak Show!

This just in, media watchers and other friends of the Paganmaid_2 journal: The Learning Channel (TLC), which has been entertainment rather than education-based since practically its inception, has officially changed its name. As of now, TLC will be called The Freak Show, or TFS.

This is based on a review of its program lineup featuring people with, shall we say, unique challenges. People with massive body-size issues. People who have more than six children, with some of the children being part of multiple births. People who are missing body parts. People who live in haunted houses - oh, wait, "A Haunting" is still on the Discovery Channel (and sometimes Investigative Discovery). People who are born dwarves (or "little"). People who build motorcycles and pick fights with family members while doing so. And people who you don't want to invite to your backyard barbecue or your daughter's wedding. Yep, they all have a home on The Freak Show.

Yep, you can still watch their daily struggles. Jon and Kate Plus 8 - Yes those kids are darlings, but how else will Jon and Kate take care of them and their relationships? That's why they're on The Freak Show - can't raise eight kids on a nurse and IT professional's salaries alone, ya know.

And the Roloffs - managing a farm and a family large and small costs money, ya know. Put 'em on The Freak Show.

And don't forget the Teutels. They gotta support their chopper business, but how can they when they're fighting like cats and dogs most of the day and leaving little time and energy building bikes that no one's going to see outside The Freak Show? Yep, that's where they are.

Let's not forget the half-ton teenager and the full-ton mom. Oh wait - I think they're on Discovery Health Channel - make it Freak Show 2.

Interesting people. Unique challenges. Forget your own lives and watch The Freak Show!

Check local listings.

(NOTE: This is a satire. As of this writing, TLC is still TLC. But you never know...)
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