April 21st, 2009

lighthouse (fire_rag)

A harvest of frozen dreams...

I read the book "Winter of Frozen Dreams", by Karl Harter. Published in 1991, the book details the story of Wisconsin's most publicized murder case to date - that of Barbara Hoffman, a former University of Wisconsin student accused of murdering two men in 1977 and 1978. Cool and beautiful, she captivated the attention of a state for two years while her case meandered its way through the legal system and culminated a two-week trial. She was acquitted of one murder and convicted of the other.

Today she sits at Taycheedah Institute of Corrrections for Women in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. In the nearly 29 years she has served of her life sentence, she has not spoken publically of the case. She will not grant interviews or even seek parole, though she has been eligible since 1991. But although I can only speculate, I'll try to speak for her today, and for her two victims. How could three lives be intertwined as they were? Why did they choose the paths they followed?
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